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Country: Kenya
Organization: Center for Domestic Training and Development
Closing date: 18 Mar 2022


1.0 Organizational background:

Centre For Domestic Training & Development (CDTD) was founded in 2001 with avision to employ as many domestic workers with proper home care management skills. CDTD strived to professionalize an understand the challenges that faced this industry. Treating Domestic Workers with dignity and respect and fair pay was an acute problem over and above the stigma associated with domestic work. CDTD began a program in 2001 under the Domestic Support Services, which initially served 5 girls from Kibera. Sensitive to the needs of Kenyan women and the founder’s burden to change the sufferings of Domestic Workers a Centre was born and registered as an NGO in 2003. Since then, CDTD has adopted numerous programs to change the landscape of Domestic Work among them being the National Shelters Network, Counter Trafficking-In Persons, Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV) program with Domestic Workers Transformational Program (DWTP) as the focal point of CDTD’s work. To date CDTD has transformed more than 10,000 people and remained a focal policy influencer in matters employment, labor rights advocacy, sexual & gender based violence, safe migration and counter trafficking-In persons.

2.0 Project background:

Under the National Shelters Network (NSN) program at CDTD, a stakeholders forum has been organised for the 31st of March 2022 from 8am to 5pm, where a hybrid meeting with stakeholders shall be held. The stakeholders; shelters in Kenya, care givers, government institutions, media, National and County government, CSOs and rights based organizations that foster services to Child Labour (CL), Forced Labour(FL), Gender Based Violence (GBV)and Human Trafficking(HT) shall meet at a designated 5-star hotel in Nairobi to be advised.

This being the week to International Day Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims in tribute to Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero who actively engaged in denouncing violations of human rights of most vulnerable in Elsavador. NSN hopes to amplify this legendary voice by championing the plight of victims in this 1st annual conference in Nairobi themed Building Brirges Between Actors and Victims.

3.0 Event Deliverables:

The main deliverables for this event is to create a memorable experience for the participants by;

i. Providing a top-notch public address system.

ii. Recording using TWO cameras, physical proceedings and disseminate the same live via virtual mode using the social media handles and youtube.

iii. Providing an alternative public address system to that of the hotel with 2 cordles microphones and two high quality speakers.

iv. Engaging a well versed Master Of Ceremony (MC) in matters of human rights activism in Kenya.

v. To provide a high quality DJ sound and music systems together with an experienced DJ.

vi. Come up with an innovative concept to make the event memorable and exciting in line with the theme of the event.

4.0 Experience and Competency:

  1. The Master Of Ceremony shall be a person of high standing in society and well versed in human rights issues and understanding with at least 3years of experience in similar roles with corporate assignments in Kenya.

  2. The DJ shall have had at least 3years experience in corporate functions entertainment in Kenya.(All songs must be gender sensitive, devoid of vulgar or prejudiced slurs).

  3. The consultant should showcase or provide verifiable testimonials in similar experiences in recording and disseminating hybrid meetings or forums with high-tech clarity in the various mediums.

5.0 Scope of the event:

The conference shall be held in Nairobi City at a 5star hotel in a ball room with close to 70 physical attendees and virtual participants through a zoom, youtube and social media handles. The convener of the conference shall cater for the venue cost, meals and refreshments only. The event shall take place from 8am to 5pm with in between breaks as shall be advised during the inception meeting. However, the set up and organization of equipment should be done and ready by 7am before the start of the event complete with successful test runs.

6.0 Requirements:

The service provider is expected to provide CVs of the DJ and MC, as well as the Technical and Financial proposal (In one PDF document) showcasing their ability to perform the TOR requirements. (Links and videos shall be factored as part of the testimonials).

7.0 Payment and submissions:

50% payment of service cost shall be done upon presentation of an acceptable technical and financial report and confirmation to contracting after an inception meeting and the balance after the successful outcome of the event.

How to apply:

Applicants wishing to express their interest in undertaking the prescribed TOR must meet the above requirements. In case of any queries one should write to the undersigned email before the 15th March 2022 and submit requirements (6.0) by 1700hours (EAT) to procurement @ cdtd.org not later than 18th March 2022.

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