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Country: Uganda
Organization: Media in Cooperation and Transition
Closing date: 21 Aug 2020

Provision of services to script and produce Coronavirus related radio drama shows in Luganda and English

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Tendering Organisation: Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT) gGmbH, Berlin (“the client”)

Published on: August 10, 2020

Closing on: August 21, 2020 17:00 EAT (Eastern Africa Time), Kampala

Contract duration: September 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 (18 weeks)

Background and Scope

This production is part of a project by the client. The overall objective is to improve knowledge regarding Coronavirus related issues in the general population of Uganda – thereby promoting attitudes and behaviours restricting the spread of the virus.

To achieve this objective, the project engages with 10 local radio stations, representing different regions and languages of the country to produce and disseminate timely and innovative Coronavirus related information for citizens in Uganda to achieve a quick and sustainable awareness-raising effect. Professionally produced radio drama shows are the format chosen to reach the general population.

The radio dramas content will revolve around: developments with relation to new research, new knowledge regarding the virus; prevention practices, their implications and their importance; stigmatisation of individuals infected or being accused thereof; Coronavirus-related violence, in particular domestic violence; economic effects, including loss of jobs, businesses, increased poverty and inequality; special needs and knowledge gaps of youth, women, other specific audiences; rumors and fake news in regard to Coronavirus.

Therefore, the client seeks a Kampala-based media production firm to support the production of weekly radio dramas (about 10-15 min) in Luganda and English.

The services of a specialised drama production company or studio will be required over a production time of 18 weeks, to script and produce 18 weekly radio drama shows (about 10-15 min) in Luganda and English, which serve as a blueprint for the weekly shows produced by the 10 partner stations in local languages. The radio dramas are based on themes revolving around limiting the spread of the Coronavirus in Uganda, by increasing citizens’ knowledge and resilient behavior.


In the period defined by this tender the production company/studio will ensure implementation of the below steps, the processes that will lead to the development and broadcast/airing of the products. Each step is subject to satisfactorily completion and approval by the client.

⁃ Participate in a design workshop (concepts/content) with the client in Kampala;

⁃ Develop story lines, character profiles, treatments and scripts for 18 (10-15 minutes) radio dramas that effectively capture information generated from the design workshop and translate them into Luganda and English;

⁃ Reviewing with the client story treatment and attitudes and behavior change stimuli geared towards restricting the spread of the virus;

⁃ Audition talented and professional actors who speak English and Luganda to play the radio drama characters;

⁃ Develop and pre-record drama scripts;

⁃ Edit recorded materials; Multi track production and sound effects; Mix down all production elements; Playout of produced radio dramas;

⁃ Timely weekly submission of finalised radio drama playouts;

⁃ Perform other duties as necessary to achieve the objective and outputs of the service.


The local consulting production company/studio shall comply with the following:

⁃ At least five years experience in radio drama production, awareness and outreach at the community level;
⁃ Proven experience of scripting and producing at least 10 radio dramas for educative sensitisation purposes;
⁃ Proven experience in scripting and producing radio dramas in both, English and Luganda.
⁃ Experience and familiarity with health-related radio programming and radio drama production is desirable.
⁃ Experience working with international development partners in donor funded projects is desirable;


⁃ Legally registered Ugandan media firm or civil society organisation
⁃ Current expertise or past experience of similar work
⁃ Production studio /equipment (soundproof studio, microphones and mixers)
⁃ Record of similar assignment completed within the last three years
⁃ Production team of creative and technical staff with specific or relevant degrees and qualifications

Selection Criteria

The company/studio will be selected on the assessment of meeting the eligibility criteria outlined in a brief technical and a financial proposal.

Technical proposal will include: (i) Letter of interest outlining how the company/studio meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the tender; (ii) Organisational profile, including relevant information and documentation of the company/studio’s experience with similar kind of contracts (list and background of production team, incl. CVs); (iii) Details of technical production processes and equipment as well as a draft schedule in line with the project time frame.

Financial proposal will include itemised production fees per radio drama episode including artist fees, personnel costs, equipment charges and administrative costs including all taxes applicable.

How to apply:

Please send your technical and a financial proposal by email no later than Friday, August 21, 2020 17:00 EAT (Eastern Africa Time) to jobs@mict-international.org

Kindly write “Tender: CORA - Corona Radio Uganda” in the subject line. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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