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Organization: International Treatment Preparedness Coalition
Closing date: 14 Jan 2022


The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC Global) is a worldwide network of community activists united by our vision of a longer, healthier, more productive life for people living with HIV and/or AIDS. More information is available at itpcglobal.org.


ITPC Global is seeking to contract the professional services of a Video Editor (individual or agency) to conceptualise, record, produce, edit, caption and finalise its Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) video series.

More information about CLM is available at https://itpcglobal.org/our-work/watch-what-matters.


Deadline for applications: January 14, 2022

Contract Start Date: February 1, 2022

Contract End Date: March 31, 2022

Project Cap: 8 weeks


The Video Editor will be required to:

• Conceptualise, develop, produce, edit & finalise video series on Citizen Science, CLM and Life Maps

• Deliver final videos in formats optimized for web and social media

1. Pitch Video: Citizen Science (6 mins)

Audience: Communities; prospective funders; decision-makers

Summary: Defining Citizen Science, from an ITPC perspective

Format: Interviews with key ITPC personnel and technical experts

2. Impact Video: Community-Led Monitoring (12 mins)

Audience: Individual activists and networks of people living with HIV

Summary: Step-by-step toolkit showcasing how ITPC Community-Led Monitoring & Advocacy has successfully empowered activists to respond to challenges, from local issues to COVID-19

Format: In-depth interviews with PLHIV and healthcare officials in South Africa and Malawi Footage from RCTO-WA, South Africa and Malawi. Infographics from previous publications

3. Impact Video: Life Maps (10 mins)

Audience: Prospective funders, communities, wider public

Summary: Defines ITPC Life Maps methodology; describes how “superheroes” are creating original solutions to COVID-19 related problems, using ITPC Citizen Science methods.

Format: In-depth interviews tracking the lives of HIV activists in South Africa and Malawi. Technical perspectives from ITPC Citizen Science Cohort Manager.


This section identifies the professional experience, standards, ability and knowledge that the Graphic Designer Specialist should possess.

• Professional experience in concept, theme and story development is required.

• Demonstrated high standard in video production and editing is required.

• Ability to produce deliverables within accelerated timeframes is essential.

• Familiarity with HIV treatment education and public health issues is an asset.


This section identifies the proposed deadline for each project milestone.

  1. Project kick-off – February 1

  2. Finalise narrative structure and visual themes – February 8

  3. Finalise storyboard and script outlines – February 15

  4. Screen first cut – March 3

  5. Complete first round edits – March 10

  6. Complete second round edits – March 17

  7. Final approval – March 24

  8. File delivery and acceptance – Mar 31


This section identifies the number of billable hours estimated for each milestone. Project capped at 100hrs.

  1. Attend project kick off meeting and receive required inputs (2 hrs)

  2. Initiate creative conceptualisation develop overall visual theme (10-12 hrs)

  3. Finalise story outline

a. Develop script outline (6-8 hrs)

b. Illustrate basic story concepts (6-8 hrs)

c. Finalise storyboards with shots and timing of on-screen images (6-8 hrs)

  1. Screen first version

a. Review, edit, sequence assets (16-18 hrs)

b. Present first version (2 hrs)

  1. Complete first round of edits and screen second version

a. Compile, review, resolve and apply comments (8-12 hrs)

b. Present second version (2 hrs)

  1. Complete second round of edits and screen third version

a. Compile, review, resolve and apply comments (8-12 hrs)

b. Present third version (2 hrs)

  1. Complete final changes per branding guidelines and other requirements (8-12 hrs)

  2. Asset preparation, file transfer, delivery confirmation and acceptance (2 hrs)


This section identifies the inputs to be provided by ITPC.

  1. CLM Pitch Video

    • Interviews with key ITPC and CLM personnel

  2. Life Maps Impact Video • Interviews with people living with HIV from South African and Malawi

  3. CLM Impact Video

    • Interviews with public health officials and representatives of networks of people living with HIV from South Africa and Malawi

  4. Additional Input • Selected footage and photography • ITPC Citizen Science graphic assets


Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

· Technical capabilities

· Experience

· Project approach

· Total price

· Customer references

How to apply:

Please submit project proposal and cost estimate to:

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition – Global Team

Email: finance@itpcglobal.org.

Subject: Cost Estimate - Video Editor - ITPC CLM Video Series

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