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Africa Community Hangout- COP26: An African Perspective


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COP26 is set to shed light on serious climate issues and provide an opportunity to support national governments in meeting their NDCs as well as engage with key stakeholders. With Africa being a historically low carbon emitter and yet labelled as an “impending climate crisis” with severe effects of climate change already evident across various countries, there is a lot at stake for the continent and hence the need to fully dissect and analyse the COP talks on a multifaceted level.

Join us in breaking down and discussing this year’s COP talks and what it means for Africa.

In our Africa community hangout, we will examine;

–        What happened at COP26? 
–        What do we need to know as climate journalists?  
–        How will Africa be impacted?
–        Where do we go from here?

Click here to register : https://bit.ly/africa-commhang-nov21-reg

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