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Country: Senegal
Organization: International Organization for Migration
Closing date: 2 Aug 2020

Call For Application


Location: Dakar, SENEGAL

Application Deadline: 02-Août-2020

Type of Contract: Individual Contract

Post Level: Consultant

Languages Required: English, French

Starting Date:(date when the selected candidate is expected to start) As soon as Possible

Expected Duration of Assignment: 5 months


Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. IOM implements innovative projects aimed at young people and aspirant migrants through a Communication for Development (C4D) approach. One of such projects is Migrants as Messengers (MaM), which seeks to empower target audiences in West Africa make informed decisions about migration through peer-to-peer messaging.

The project started in three countries in November 2017 and will expanded to seven countries in 2019 (Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, The Gambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and Liberia). It is carried out by volunteers using storytelling techniques to record and broadcast interviews with returned migrants and share these stories online and at community events

Nature of the consultancy: Project support for the Senegal Country Office “Communications Team”

Objective: Support the Communications team in building capacities and setting up management tools in the framework of the “Migrants as Messengers” campaign in Senegal.

IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing: Migrants as Messengers.

Duties & Responsibilities to be performed under this contract:


· Under the direct supervision of the IOM Senegal Communications Officer and in close coordination with the Migrants as Messengers technical team at IOM’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa in Dakar, the Consultant will work on the following areas of intervention:

Item 1: Monitor & Evaluate Management Tool for MAM teamwork follow up:

· Assess and update of the project activity plan and Timeline of MaM activities ( the latter will include: capacity building and trainings, volunteers and partners meetings, participatory content production sessions, participatory activity design sessions, content production and activity implementation) .

· Update the project mapping tools

· Assess and update volunteer engagement strategy

  • Develop a communication strategy for MaM

Item 2: Capacity building and support of the communications team:

  • Build capacity of staff in text/articles writing, editing, proofreading for publication of press release, mediums, newsletter
  • Help staff in content production during the period aiming at strengthening the team’s capacities and improving the quality of the communication materials.
  • Support staff to conceptualize, draft and coordinate the development of innovative visual assets such as infographics, animations and video clips with colleagues, vendors, and partners.
  • Re-package, write, edit, re-write, and commission of information/stories including those submitted by volunteers and others for dissemination via MAM channels to regional audiences.
  • Ensure highest standards of accuracy and editorial content in all external outputs.
  • Enhance Media engagement plan implementation for the specific period including news initiatives and outputs for MaM visibility enhancement
  • Perform any other communication specific related duties, as required by the functional supervisor.

Item 3: Provide broader support on media and communication of MaM activities to the team:

  • Update database of partners, journalists, and media organizations, and build dialogue with individual journalists, influencers, editors and news-desks.
  • Liaise with the press/media to advocate and disseminate information on MAM work as well as relevant events.
  • Organize interviews and filming opportunities to support high visibility of projects achievements and returned migrants participation through television, radio and newspapers, etc;


  • Support provided to the Senegal team on communication related matters such as press releases, news stories and blogs.
  • Internal and external knowledge sharing, and communication platforms regularly maintained.
  • New knowledge resources and contents are developed, shared, well organized and easily accessible to internal and external audiences.
  • The successful implementation of various country communication activities.
  • The enhancement of the visibility of migrants and volunteer’s contribution
  • Capacity Building of junior communication staff to improve performance and develop new skills and competencies


  • The Communications Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Communications Officer based in Dakar.
  • Deliverables Schedule will be as follows:



Nature of the deliverable

Deliverable 1 / 1st Month / Payment 20%

Report including progress on:

  • Detailed Consultancy Workplan and timeline

  • Overall assessment of MaM status and of MaM Volunteers network in Senegal

  • Assessment of capacity building needs and capacity building schedule for the team members

  • Supported written (1) / audio-visual (1) communication product (MaM)

Deliverable 2 / 2nd month / Payment 20%

Report including progress on:

  • Update of the project management tools: activity plan, Timeline of MaM activities, Mapping tools

  • MaM targets set and monitoring and evaluation protocol.

  • Capacity building actions undertaken for the team members

  • Supported written (1) / audio-visual (1) communication product

Deliverable 3 / 3rd Month / Payment 20%

Report including progress on:

  • Status of MaM targets and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Volunteer engagement strategy including activities and capacity building schedule

  • Female engagement strategy

  • Capacity building actions undertaken for the team members

  • Supported written (1) / audiovisual (1) communication product

Deliverable 4 / 4th Month / Payment 20%

Report including progress on:

  • Status of MaM targets and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Communication strategy for MaM

  • Capacity building actions undertaken for the team members

  • Supported written (1) / audio-visual (1) communication product

Deliverable 5 / 5th Month / Final report / Payment 20%

Required Skills and Experience



· Master’s Degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Information, International Relations, or related areas.


A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience in:

· Developing creative communication strategies. This involves communications plans which includes a timeline of key communications products, a set of targets and channels, alongside a strong monitoring and evaluation protocol.

· Developing content within the framework of Communication for Development through participatory processes

· Designing strong communications materials

· Taking photographs or filming video which are of professional quality

· Organizing key events (workshops, awareness raising activities…)

· Experience in Capacity Building


· Written and spoken fluency in French and English is essential. Wolof is an asset

How to apply:

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications via e-mail to: reciomsenegalco@iom.int referring to this advertisement in the subject: “CFA-CO-023-2020 and complete name”. Application must contain a CV and a cover letter in a unique file.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Posting period:

From 23.07.2020 to 02.08.2020 **

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