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Country: Kenya
Organization: Practical Action
Closing date: 14 Oct 2021

Practical Action is a global change-making group that consists of a UK registered charity with community projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, an independent publishing company and a technical consulting service. It combines these specialisms to multiply its impact and help shape a world that works better for everyone. Practical Action is focused on putting ingenious ideas into work to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable wellbeing through working in four expertise change areas: Cities Fit for People; Energy that transforms; Farming that works; Resilience that protects.

Purpose of the consultancy assignment
In Kisumu, Kenya, Practical Action has delivered projects under the Cities Fit for People programme, which focused on working with communities and informal workers to develop people-centered solutions to waste management. We are publishing a new report – ‘The Managing Our Waste Outlook 2021’ – which draws on case study research from Kisumu. Practical Action aims to put people firmly at the center of the issue of waste management, looking at opportunities for the most marginalized people to be part of the solution. This publication aims to re-focus the narrative around waste management away from a simply focus of weight of waste collected, to a focus which is people-centered, in this case waste service users and providers.
We are organising a content collection trip to one district (Kisumu) to collect stories, photos and videos of waste workers and service users and Practical Action staff who have worked in this area.

The purpose of this is to produce photography and videography that can be used in the publication itself, as well as for the promotion of the publication. The content may also be used to illustrate our Cities Fit for People programme more generally.
The portrayal will position informal waste collectors at the core of waste manage solutions, and illustrate what can be achieved when people are centred. This places the emphasis on the quality of waste services (collection, transport, disposal, reuse, recycling), and explores opportunities for the most marginalised people to be part of the solution.

Assignment Scope

This assignment is expected to take a total of 3 working days in the month of October 2021.The relevant agency will:

  • Upon receiving the work order, submit a final work plan with date/time and agreed by both parties;
  • Work closely with the communications team at Practical Action, visiting the stated sites, in this case within Kisumu County, and collect the content (listed under deliverables).
  • Deliver and transfer the final files to the team in Practical Action East Africa regional office and the UK in both a high capacity hard-drive, and uploaded and shared via Google Drive as further detailed in the accompanying content brief
  • Follow consent requirements at all times as detail in the accompanying content brief, section 5.

Key Deliverables
See the accompanying content brief, ‘section 3 shot list’ for full detail on the required deliverables. This includes:
Minimum of 3 x case study interviews with:

  • Waste worker (photographs: 10 x portrait, 10 x landscape; video: interview 5-10 minutes)
  • Waste service user (photographs: 10 x portrait, 10 x landscape; video: interview 5-10 minutes)
  • Practical Action staff member (video: interview 5-10 minutes)

B-roll mixed shots of photographs & video totaling a minimum of 50 photographs and 5 minutes of video, which show:

  • a lack of adequate waste services as an issue that affects communities;
  • community members at work;
  • scene-setting shots of the community & local environment;
  • close up shots of waste pickers, waste, workers

Role of Practical Action
The main responsibility of Practical Action UK and the East Africa regional office is to:

  • Provide support in preparing the itinerary, contacting and connecting with relevant community members;
  • Provide technical feedback and support throughout the process;
  • Be responsive and sensitive to community members, ensure consent requirements are fulfilled, and fill in the consent form as detailed in the accompanying content brief.

All applicable taxes will be deducted at source. The release of funds will be made in two instalments:

  • 30% upon signing the contract and completing the work plan;
  • 70% after submission and acceptance of a complete set of deliverables.

Resignation and Cancellation/Termination of Contract
Penalty Clause – in case of delays in the submission of the document, a 2% penalty will be deducted from the total payment for each day delayed.
Practical Action in East Africa reserves the right to cancel, amend, defer the contract agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights
All deliverables (videos, photos, transcripts) will be considered as Practical Action’s property. However, any of them can be used by media and/or by the selected agency for people’s good with prior written approval from Practical Action, but cannot sell to/reproduce for other entity.

Points to Note
a. Practical Action requires the consultancy agency to take all safety measures for its employers to protect the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those who will be involved in this agreement;
b. Practical Action will not take any responsibility if any of the members of the selected agency get affected by Covid-19 during / after the field trip;
c. All required equipment (camera, monitor, other) should be provided by the selected agency;
d. Practical Action will not compensate for any damages \ loss of any equipment;
e. Practical Action will not provide any vehicle, accommodation, food to the selected agency

Required Competencies and Experiences

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in videography, still photography, transcription, report production;
  • Knowledge of using online based software for sending/receiving high-res videos & still photos;
  • English speaking and writing;
  • Ability to travel to Kisumu and bring out results (video footage, still photograph, transcript).


  • Experienced in working with INGOs;
  • Experienced in working with Media (TV, Newspaper);
  • Availability for working from the dawn to dusk;
  • Degree or diploma in a communication, Journalism or a related course

How and what to submit
We invite qualified and interested candidates to submit the following:

  • A motivational letter addressing the Terms of Reference,
  • Samples of previous work
  • A tentative budget/Financial proposal

How to apply:

Interested applicants should send a proposal expressing their motivation to undertake the exercise to Practical Action Eastern Africa Regional Office by email to: recruitment@practicalaction.or.ke no later than 14th October 2021. Indicate on the email subject line Photography and Videography Consultancy

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