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Get paid to publish a climate related story! Global Opportunity!


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The New York Times Opinion section is looking for climate change-related stories from every country in the world, and we want local journalists to help surface and research these stories.

We want unexpected angles that illuminate the surprising ways climate change and our adaptations to it are already shaping our lives. We are particularly looking for angles that are rooted in a place — its traditions, its history, its geography. We want stories that could only be told in that particular country.

Three examples:
-       In Italy, warming temperatures are allowing farmers in Sicily to grow tropical fruit on land that formerly grew lemons and olives.
-       In Zambia, a tradition of the Lozi people called Kuomboka that involves a 16-hour boat ride during rainy season has been canceled the last few years due to drought.
-       In Bangladesh, where rising sea levels and more severe storms cause increasing flooding, many small-scale farmers are deciding to raise ducks (which can swim) instead of chickens (which cannot). 

Do you have a similar story in your country? Can you think of a place or an industry or a way of life that is being altered before your eyes as a result of climate change?

If you have story ideas, please submit your pitch via this google form: https://forms.gle/98eFSdRCYZ4dmnFS8. The published pieces will be very short; we will pay $100 per accepted story. 

The New York Times in conjunction with Internews.org is offering this opportunity. To get more opportunities like this, join Climate Tracker Facebook group: https://bit.ly/2XLNNqQ

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