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Child Protection Animator


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Country: Kenya
Organization: FilmAid International
Closing date: 7 Jul 2021




FilmAid Kenya (FilmAid) is a development and humanitarian organization that harnesses the power and influence of film, media, and the arts to respond to displaced communities in need as well as promote social change. Using a participatory community-based approach, FilmAid provides displaced people with actionable information about their rights, their safety, their health, and their future. Using compelling video, radio, print, SMS, and digital media campaigns, FilmAid reaches over 400,000 people every year in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee complexes.

Description and scope of work

FilmAid in collaboration with TDH who is the Child Protection Implementing Partner in the three camps of the Dadaab refugee complex intends to produce a Child Protection animation that targets children, youth, adolescents, caregivers, traditional leaders, camp leaders, youth, and women’s groups, partners and TDH community structures comprising of child welfare committees, Community Owned Resource Persons, children councils and foster parents. This animation aims to:

  1. Create awareness on existing and emerging Child Protection Concerns in the community.

  2. Educate the community on their role in child protection.

  3. Create awareness of the effects of harmful traditional practices on children and encourage them to practice safe and positive practices.

  4. Shed light on the need to involve children in decision-making.

  5. Address the importance of the community being proactive in identifying and reporting child protection concerns.

Expected deliverables and output:

FilmAid is therefore looking to produce a 2D animation that addresses the key messages mentioned above. The Child Protection animator is expected to:

i. Liaise with FilmAid’s focal person in Nairobi and Dadaab to develop a script for the animation based on a Creative Brief that will be shared by FilmAid.

ii. Develop and submit the animation concept from the scripting stage to the final product in consultation with FilmAid’s assigned project lead.

iii. Create a storyboard that represents the script’s narrative and submit it for approval.

iv. Create a high-quality animation by utilizing both hand-key animation and motion-capture data.

v. Design models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects, and the animation environment while being cognizant of Dadaab’s cultural set-up.

vi. Incorporate original soundtracks in the animation that match the timing and the pace of a character or an object in the sequence layout of images and ensure they follow the soundtrack and audio requirements.

vii. Record an English and Somali V.O that will be layered as part of the animation, incorporating graphics and special effects as required/desired to produce the finished animation piece.

viii. Adhere to production deadlines and satisfactorily meet FilmAid’s production requirements.

How to apply:

If interested, submit your application to procurement@filmaid.org on or before the 7th of July 2021. Indicate the subject line as “Animation Consultancy” and include:

i. A production work plan that will be followed outlining production activities against a timeline.

ii. A comprehensive budget breakdown for this consultancy.

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