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Production Of Podcasts On Tax And Extractive Industries


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Country: Kenya
Organization: Oxfam
Closing date: 11 Mar 2021

Oxfam in Horn, East and Central Africa (HECA) wishes to identify a consultant/firm with good audio production skills to produce podcasts on Double Taxation and Auditing in the extractive industry.

Work related to this consultancy is expected to be undertaken in March 2021.

  1. Background

Oxfam in HECA has been operating since mid-2017 focusing its programs in ten countries: Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Our work has been led by a strong network of country teams who implement, together with partners on programmes for communities . The work at country level is augmented by regional and global capacity on fundraising, advocacy and technical sectors advisory support.

Our work on extractive industries governance focuses on ensuring that governments, local citizens and host communities participate in decision making and optimally benefit from mining activities. We seek to influence revenue sharing, contract transparency, women’s participation in extractive sector governance as well as analyze publicly available data to determine if governments are getting a fair deal and if tax systems and auditing practices guarantee revenues to resource-rich countries.

2. Our Vision

A transformed and stable Horn, East and Central Africa region, where people exercise their right to challenge power and have dignity and security to drive transformative change in their lived experiences.

For more information about Oxfam in HECA visit: https://heca.oxfam.org/who-we-are.

3. Project justification

Oxfam in the Horn, East and Central Africa (HECA) is implementing a project aimed at strengthening fiscal justice in the region’s burgeoning extractive industry. As part of this project, two researches have been carried out focusing on mapping the network of Double Taxation Agreements in East Africa and examining the role of supreme audit institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Podcasts have been increasing in popularity with audiences across the region over the last few years. This is one of the, reasons why Oxfam has invested in the ‘power in the pandemic podcast’; to be able to reach a wider audience through podcasting platforms

While most audiences might prefer to consume written content, others would prefer to listen to podcasts or watch a video. For the HECA region, podcasts could be a new way to bring powerful stories to life or engage with perspectives in a conversational manner. Unlike radio, podcasts can be saved, consumed and returned to whenever you like. Unlike video, podcasts can be incorporated into our target audiences daily lives without requiring their undivided attention.

Using audio could enable our partners, and beneficiaries with lived experience to be at the heart of the conversation rather than quoted in reports, which can remove the real person’s voice. The human touch, from all the contributors, can be powerful, bringing real warmth and impact.

Oxfam wishes to hire the services of a consultant/firm to provide printing services and produce podcasts focusing on research findings in order to facilitate appropriate communication/dissemination of the study findings to targeted stakeholders.

The consultant will report to the Regional Media and Communications Advisor and the Regional Advisor, Extractive Industries for Oxfam in HECA

Assessment criteria

Please see the terms of reference for further details.

Questions or comments in respect of these terms of reference in general should be directed to Martin Namasaka here martin.namasaka@oxfam.org and copy Gerald Byarugaba here gerald.byarugaba@oxfam.org

How to apply:

Your proposal, which should not exceed six pages in length (excluding annexes), should be sent by email to ssc.consultancy@oxfam.org under the subject line ‘**Oxfam HECA Podcast** no later than 11th March 2021.

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