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CFI Editorial advisor (Service contract)


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Country: Sudan
Organization: CFI
Closing date: 9 Mar 2021

About CFI and its projects in Sudan:

A subsidiary of the France Médias Monde group, CFI, the French media cooperation agency, supported by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is in charge of the coordination and implementation of public aid policy to promote and enhance media in developing countries. CFI is currently involved in around thirty projects that fall within three major programs: media and governance, media and development, and media and enterprise.

Two of these projects, “Kalimat Sudania” and “Aswatna”, are in Sudan.

“Kalimat Sudania” will run for two years from February 2021 until January 2023 and “Aswatna” will be implemented during the year 2021.

The overall objective of “Kalimat sudania” is to contribute to Sudan’s democratic transition by bridging the gap between citizens and the media. The first specific objective is to promote the inclusion of youth in the society and public debate. To reach this objective, the project will implement a sub-granting programme for media initiatives led by youths and/or relevant to youth and a flanking capacity building programme for the grantees. The second specific objective is to strengthen local journalism as well as the collaboration between journalists and civil society. To reach this objective, the project will provide capacity building support for local journalists and CSO representatives and facilitate exchanges and networking between both target groups.

As for “Aswatna”, its general objective is to contribute to national reconciliation and the democratic transition of Sudan through radio stations, and its specific objective is to strengthen the role of radio in national reconciliation and democratic transition by improving the quality of the information transmitted and by encouraging the production of programs dealing with these subjects through several activities.

Consultancy terms:

General description: CFI is seeking editorial advising services for its projects in Sudan.

Contract type: Service contract (consultancy).

Service provider: Editorial advisor (consultant) - self-employed individual.

Country of duty: Sudan.

Duration: An average of 20 days per month between April 2021 and January 2023.

Contract terms: The Service provider will be responsible for monitoring the quality of the trainings and contents organized and produced in the framework of the projects and will be based in the project office in Khartoum, Sudan. The Service provider will execute the services described in the Invitation to tender in accordance with the instructions and guidance of the Project director in CFI’s Paris office (HQ) and will work closely with the Project advisor and the Project coordinator in Sudan, as well as Monte Carlo Doualiya colleagues.

The contract concluded shall be an administrative contract pursuant to the French Public Procurement Code.

The parties explicitly agree the provisions of the General Conditions of Contract for supplies and services and the General Conditions of Contract for intellectual services shall not apply to this contract.

Service description:

1 Implementation of project activities

  • Contribute to the identification of suitable trainers and coaches for project activities targeting journalists, media projects, established media, civil society organizations and trainers;
  • Review training programmes for beneficiaries and participate in relevant training;
  • Coordinate actions to transfer expertise to local journalists and media within the framework of the projects (including with Monte Carlo Doualiya);
  • Coordinate and monitor contents and outputs produced within the framework of the projects and provide feedback and advice;
  • Assist beneficiaries and partners with content production and publication;
  • Maintain database of media outlets and potential partners in Sudan;
  • Assist in preparing activity reports;
  • Contribute to the preparation and implementation of communication and visibility actions;
  • Assist in providing narrative and media/communication content for communication and reporting purposes.

2 Selecting and producing content for a joint Monte Carlo Doualiya - CFI project

  • Participate in planning the content of a joint Monte Carlo Doualiya - CFI radio and web program that will be broadcasted on Monte Carlo Doualiya and partner radio stations and on Monte Carlo Doualiya website and that will cover interesting topics, especially for youth and women, that are relevant to the projects;
  • Liaise with project partners and beneficiaries to select and enhance suitable content for the program, including content produced within the framework of the project;
  • Suggest ideas, topics and participants to be interviewed for the program (including journalists, experts, local guests, etc.);
  • Organize and handle interviews for the program;
  • Participate in the production of specific content for the program;
  • Develop and produce editorial and multimedia content for the program;
  • Feed into and provide feedback on the program content and suggest improvements to increase quality and reach.

Service provider language skills:

Excellent command of Arabic and full professional proficiency of English is required. Knowledge of French is considered an asset.

Service provider experience and competencies:

  • A minimum of 5 years of proven and specialized experience in editing/ proofreading texts and/or journalism and media content;
  • Proven knowledge of content analysis and media monitoring;
  • Previous experience in the media sector;
  • Previous experience(s) in Sudan;
  • Knowledge and understanding of media cooperation and the media landscape in Sudan, including local and community media and media present in remote areas;
  • Good knowledge of digital media;
  • Adherence to the values of the projects;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines and under pressure;
  • Ability to prioritize activities and assignments;
  • Adaptability, sense of integrity and responsibility.

Service provider education:

University degree in translation, literature, journalism or another relevant field.

More information available here: https://cfi.fr/en/Invitation-to-tender-for-Editorial-advising-services-in-Sudan

How to apply:

Response to the call for tender are to be sent by email to the specified email address on the following link: https://cfi.fr/en/Invitation-to-tender-for-Editorial-advising-services-in-Sudan

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