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Organization: John Snow
Closing date: 5 Jul 2020


The HCDExchange is a community of implementers, funders, designers, evaluators, and youth committed to advancing learning and practice related to the integration of human-centered design (HCD) and adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) in low-resource settings, with a particular focus on countries in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. The HCDExchange aims to elevate young people’s agency, and systematically transform sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents.

In 2018, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Flora & William Hewlett Foundation, and the Children’s
Investment Fund Foundation funded a convening in Tanzania bringing together people and organizations
working at the intersection of HCD in ASRH. This gathering showcased best practices, generated interest,
and resulted in the launch of working groups to advance this field. More importantly, those involved started
to see themselves as a community with a shared agenda.

In 2020, this same set of funders is supporting the next phase of this work — the HCDExchange — a
community built on a collaborative model and dedicated to (1) establishing a supportive infrastructure,
and (2) facilitating commitment amongst key actors. Our vision: a democratized (inclusive of diverse
participants), localized (contextually relevant), and mutualized (jointly owned) HCD/ASRH field. During this
phase, we are accelerating the development of a robust, efficient, and transparent HCD/ASRH field by
increasing access to learning and networks and generating evidence about good practices, models, and
effectiveness. Currently, the HCDExchange organizes and facilitates a series of (mostly virtual) activities,
including monthly learning webinars, Youth Leadership Hub events, a community of practice working groups,
and various other convenings.

To ensure we position the HCDExchange in this space, develop our brand, and generate trust and
credibility, our communications across all digital media need to be consistent, of excellent quality, and
— most importantly — resonate with youth and others working in the fields of adolescent reproductive
health and human-centered design.

The Digital Communications Consultant

The Digital Communications Consultant will be an integral member of the HCDExchange team, managing
brand assets, creating visuals and writing and editing content for social and digital media — from webinars
to Instagram — as well as improving and maintaining the HCDExchange website. The Consultant will also
contribute to the development and maintenance of the HCDExchange’s communications infrastructure and
systems so that they — and others — can produce high-quality work under tight deadlines.

The Consultant will report directly to the HCDExchange Director and work closely with a broader team,
the team including the Knowledge Management Specialist and Senior HCD Advisor based in DC; a Youth
Liaison & Advocacy Officer, HCD Consultant, and Learning & Knowledge Management Consultant based in Nairobi; and a Francophone Coordinator based in West Africa. This work includes collaborating with
diverse colleagues and partners with different backgrounds and across time zones.

Location of work

Consultants based out of Nairobi are preferred, but designers physically located in East, West, Southern
African and Southern Asia are encouraged to apply.

Level of effort
This is a part-time consultancy position, a maximum of 200 days spread between July 2020 and July 2021.

Roles and responsibilities:

Create and implement the HCD Exchange Digital Communications Strategy

● Facilitate the development and support the implementation of a strategic digital communication and outreach plan targeting key stakeholders such as including designers, funders, evaluators, youth, implementing partners, and academic institutions.

● Maintain brand standards and consistency throughout all communication products, including visuals, word choice, and tone.

● Maintain a database of digital communications assets in Airtable, including templates.

● Contribute to the development of internal systems and collaboration processes, so that high-quality communication outputs can be produced efficiently.

● Maintain an editorial calendar of topics and key research, advocacy, and documentation opportunities.

Enhance the reach of HCDExchange digital platforms.

Develop internal and external communication networks, partnerships, and collaborations to boost HCDExchange’s reach and visibility — contributing to the stakeholder database/CRM, as needed.

● Share the latest thinking around digital communications practices and use social listening tools to generate insights.

● Improve and maintain the HCDExchange website, including validating requirements, developing content, and rolling out new technical features (coordinating with coders as needed) — all with a a human-centric, inclusive lens that invites community feedback and participation.

● Using MailChimp, manage the HCDExchange monthly e-bulletin and subscriber lists.

● Generate and execute unique ideas and concepts promote and amplify HCDExchange activities and outputs, including but not limited to Tweetchats, TikTok, online gaming events, monthly webinars, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube Lives, virtual masterclasses, and more.

● Provide periodic mentoring, guidance, and feedback on digital strategy HCDExchange staff and community members, as needed.

Create high-quality visuals and compelling copy

● Lead the development of HCDExchange’s visual and editorial brand guidelines, including color palettes, typography, and layouts/templates for digital media as well as style guides and word lists ● Draft and edit articles, blogs, press releases.

● Apply strong writing and copy-editing skills to translate technical information and concepts into simple and engaging messages with clear calls to action.

● Advise team on how to repackage HCDExchange outputs for online, non-expert audiences in order to invite participation and boost the sharing of ideas, learning, experiences — and to celebrate community members and achievements.

● Create and/or support the production of compelling presentations and other advocacy collateral for digital and social media, including illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, charts, memes, interactive reports, animations, videos, GIFs, and photos.

● Design and produce email announcements and newsletters.

● Coordinate work with designers, writers, and contributors in the broader HCDExchange community of practice and Youth Leadership Hub.

● Mentor the Youth Leadership Hub associates in the produce compelling digital communication assets and help them advance digital design and software skills.

Required skills and experience:

Successful candidates will need a mix of visual, editorial/writing, and strategic/process development thinking. They will demonstrate their strength in understanding and communicating technical content, developing compelling narratives and visuals, and setting up editorial/communications systems and processes. They will also have in-depth knowledge of graphic design and digital typography, as well as experience executing marketing and branding projects from conception to production including websites and social media campaigns. Additionally,

● A minimum of five (5) years of demonstrated experience in digital communications, required.

● Strong writing and editing skills in English, required.

● Experience web development and content management systems required.

● Solid experience developing and managing social media and community engagement campaigns required.

● Experience producing live video and using social media listening tools, a plus.

● Experience with a range of professional digital design and video editing software required.

● An academic degree in digital media, communications design, or similar discipline, an added advantage.

● Familiarity with adolescent sexual health issues, an asset.


● English is the working language for this assignment; excellent oral and written communications
and presentation skills in English are required.
● Knowledge of French, Swahili, or Hindi is an asset.

How to apply:

How to apply:

To apply please submit your application to recruitment@insupplyhealth.com. Your application should
include your CV (indicating all past relevant experiences), Cover letter (describing in a captivating manner
why you consider yourself the unicorn for this role, with your all-inclusive Daily Rate ) and the following
three excerpts from your portfolio (these can be written, audio, visual or provided via a link):

  1. For role 1 above, one or more or all of the following:
    a. an actual communications strategy you have developed for an organization,
    b. a style guide you have created for an organization
    c. digital systems you have developed for an organization
  2. For role 2 above, one or more or all of the following:
    a. a social media campaign you have created or led,
    b. a campaign you would recommend for either one of our social media handles
  3. For role 3 above, a product you have designed from concept to finalization that conveys an idea or
    message that is user-facing, friendly, and demonstrates
    a. your graphic design skills,
    b. your video/motion production skills,
    c. your copy-editing skills.

The application deadline is COB July 5, 2020, with applications reviewed and considered on a rolling basis as

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