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COVID-19 and The Media


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As the world battling COVID-19 pandemic,  the Media organisations  has found it difficult to pay staff salaries. Nigeria  as a case study,  over 500 journalists has been fired and some others  cut salaries to 50%. This has caused serious problems for journalists in Nigeria and the government is not helping the matter. No palliatives for Journalists. What is the solution please I need your contribution? 

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This is a really tough question that we are all trying to answer. Abubakar Idris had a really good article on Techcabal on how Nigeria's news media is struggling. We've also discussed here how other media organisations including The Atlantic are cutting jobs in the United States and Europe because of tough times. Quartz is also cutting jobs by about 40%.

My feeling is that we are going to be in for a very tough two years or so because of covid-19. It is not just news media that is struggling but all other businesses across the economy. We are seeing advertising spending falling around the world. Subscriptions at many newspapers are improving because people want news on the pandemic. But that may not be enough to offset the fall in advertising. 

I think the focus needs to be on trying to deliver quality news and then exploring new revenue sources (whether it is trying to increase subscriptions or look for funding from donors etc). 

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