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Country: Tunisia
Organization: BBC Media Action
Closing date: 30 Oct 2020


BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development organisation, uses the power of media and communication to inform, connect and empower people around the world, helping them to shape their own lives. Working with broadcasters, governments, other organisations and donors, BBC Media Action provides information and stimulates positive change in the areas of governance, health, and resilience and humanitarian response. Our work in North Africa covers Algeria and Libya, with our office based in Tunisia. Current projects include capacity building of the Algerian media to create youth sensitive content and provision of content that improves Libyans’ access to information and encourage debate and participation in Libya’s transition through the El Kul Facebook page.

Cartoonist Purpose:

BBC Media Action wishes to commission a talented Cartoonist to develop the following tasks:

  • · Sketches up to 10 slides of cartoon and comics for 5 different videos. (50 different slides in total)
  • · Develops color patterns and moods and paints background layouts to dramatize action for cartoon scenes.
  • · Films the sequential drawings of cartoons.
  • · Develops personal ideas for cartoons, comic strips to visually describe voice over; in collaboration with inhouse producers.
  • · Makes changes and corrections to cartoon as necessary.

Required skills, knowledge and experience:

  • · Understanding of BBC editorial values
  • · Natural ability in drawing and design
  • · Ability to creatively transform editorial values into attractive stories
  • · Knowledge and understanding of El Kul visual identity
  • · Advanced skills in computer graphics
  • · Experience in remote teamwork

· Fluency in Arabic.

· Strong understanding of the Libyan context and a young Libyan audience.

How to apply:

If you are interested, please submit a portfolio of work, your rates for the above typical deliverables, a cover letter and a resume to “**BBCCart1020 – BBC Media Action**” to Mohamed Laabidi (mohamed.laabidi@tn.bbcmediaaction.org) by 30th October 2020. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Libya Idris (Libya.gumma@tn.bbcmediaaction.org).

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