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Consultant, Documentary Production


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Country: Kenya
Organization: Carolina for Kibera
Closing date: 31 Oct 2020



Established in 2001, Carolina for Kibera (CFK) works in partnership with communities to fight poverty with an innovative community-based platform focused on long-term youth leadership development and life-saving public health initiatives.

CFK began as an organization with two programs, one implementing sports for change initiatives and the other, a small 10x10 health clinic. Over the past 19 years, CFK has grown into an organization that provides primary health care throughout Kibera through its 4 health clinics, empowers girls and provides safe spaces for young women to flourish and that fosters youth leadership on multiple front.

CFK’s approach to participatory community development has been rooted in the conviction that sustainable impact and solutions to poverty are only possible when the community that is most affected by it are the real change-makers. The organization is on a rapid growth trajectory as it heads toward its 20th Anniversary in 2021.


CFK seeks to engage a consultant, company or organization to produce a documentary showcasing the journey and growth of CFK over the last 20 years as well as the future plans in Kenya.

As CFK celebrates its 20th Anniversary, the video clips will be used to share CFK’s story to many different audiences, both in the US and in Kenya. The goal is to increase partnership development and fundraising, to increase community mobilization, and to create awareness on CFK initiatives. It will also be used as an advocacy and influencing tool targeting policy makers and rights holders at national, regional and international levels on the need to invest in accessible and quality healthcare.


• The main actions that have been taken by CFK to fight poverty in Kibera; Showcase innovation and learning born out of CFKs maiden projects that include a small health clinic and community sports programs

• The illustration of how multipronged and integrated services results in holistic impact in individual households and the larger community. Collectively show how CFK’s programs work together as a unit of change.

• CFK’s 2025 expansion plans.


The following tasks will be undertaken to achieve the objectives of this assignment:

Task 1: Prepare an inception meeting report and work plan

The consultant will hold an inception meeting with CFK to:

(i) Discuss in detail, the proposed assignment,

(ii) review and discuss the process for conducting the assignment,

(iii) determine roles and responsibilities,

(iv) identify preliminary background information related to the assignment,

(v) finalize a draft work plan and timetable.

The final work plan and an inception report will be prepared by the Consultant within three (3) days of the meeting, and submitted for review, feedback and approval. The work plan will guide this assignment to facilitate timely completion of all tasks and satisfactory end results.

Task 2: Develop a script/storyboard for the video interviews

The consultant will develop a script that will guide the flow of the videos to ensure there is a similar layout for all the videos that are developed. The script will be developed in consultation with the project team. The script should highlight the backgrounds of the speakers, the challenges faced in the community and how CFK responded to the challenges. Interviews will not only be limited to CFK representatives but also community members, partners and rights holders.

Task 3: Conduct interviews with selected speakers on the power of accessible and quality healthcare

The consultant will interview selected speakers as per the script and produce a first cut of each interview that will be approved by the project team. The consultant is expected to capture and edit cutaway clips of each speaker’s context. The videos shall be availed in a high-quality format that can be used in social media platforms and on a YouTube channel. The consultant will be required to visit at least 10 of the 13 Kibera Villages and 5 CFK brick and mortar centres to conduct interviews.

Task 4: Provide coverage of the Key events during the production phases

The consultant will also cover key events to be held as part of the project. A total of 3 events in Nairobi. The consultant will then be required to edit a Programs highlight Short video (3 mins), Teaser video (10 mins) and long video (40mins) versions. The videos shall be availed in a high-quality format and a format that can be used in social media platforms and on a YouTube channel.

Task 5: Promotion Video and Project Summary Video

The consultant will develop a promotional video to highlight actions that will be used to generate interest in the project among different stakeholders. The consultant will also develop a summary video capturing actions being taken at national and continental levels.


The videos will be essential in capturing the attention of communities in informal settlements, civil society organisations, government, donors, partners and policy makers.


Copyrights for all materials, content and output associated with this project will be fully reserved by Carolina for Kibera.


• Inception meeting report and workplan including a detailed timeline for the filming process.

• Script for review with project team.

• Interview questions

• Interviews video

• Programs Short video (3 mins), Teaser video (10 mins) and long video (40mins) versions

• High quality photographs

• All master, unedited footage delivered on hard drive.

• Promotion support to local media outlets.

• Online versions for all the edited materials


The project is expected to take 60 days. Applicants are highly encouraged to confirm availability in their applications.


The overall supervision will be led by the project team who will work closely with the consultant in ensuring high quality deliverables.


• The consultant firm should have extensive experience in producing highly-engaging visual products for campaign and advocacy purposes

• Technical capacity to run a smooth production (own equipment, production studio and team)

• Ability/willingness to work in difficult or unpredictable circumstances

• Creative and innovative with an eye for detail

• Ability and willingness to travel on short notice

• Ability to meet strict deadlines within the 3 production phases.

• Demonstrate understanding of CFK values/ways of working.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are required to submit the following:

• A technical and financial proposal on how you will carry out the assignment.

• Organizational profile and three references (preferably former clients)

• Samples of previous related work spanning maximum of last 2 years

• CV of the lead consultant and implementing team(s)


All interested parties should submit their applications by email to: procurement@carolinaforkibera.org by 31 October 2020.

The application subject line MUST be marked: CAROLINA FOR KIBERA DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further reviews.

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