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Communications Officer


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Country: Kenya
Organization: Hatua Network
Closing date: 1 Dec 2020

About Hatua Network

Link to our website: www.hatuanetwork.org

In Kenya, 30% of employers cited an inadequately skilled workforce as a major barrier to growth (WEF, 2017). The unfortunate reality in Kenya, and many parts of the developing world, is that the education system is not preparing youth with the soft skills they need to succeed in the workforce. As a result youth unemployment stands at 26.2% in Kenya (UNDP, 2018) -- and these numbers do not even take into account youth that are underemployed or working in survival jobs.

Over the past 12 years, Hatua has worked to enable Kenyan youth from low-income families to realize their potential through education, soft skills development and career guidance. Through experience we have learned what youth need in order to excel: access to quality secondary and tertiary education, mentoring focused on values and character development, CV building experiences while still in school, and connections to professional networks that can help them access career opportunities after graduation. Hatua Network provides youth with these essentials. We reach youth during the most formative years of their lives and provide support that transforms their future prospects. We unlock their future potential, from trying to survive with no credentials, no connections and no opportunities, to instead becoming university graduates, ready to work, earn, and contribute to Kenya’s economic growth.

To date we have reached 560 young people, including 470 of whom we are currently sponsoring and mentoring through secondary and tertiary education, and 90 who have completed college or university. Of those who graduated more than 1 year ago 93% are working, earning an average income that is 3X the combined average income of their parents. This is a total transformation from poverty to professional careers and living as role models to others.

In Kenya, and across the continent, today’s youth bulge is a unique opportunity for development and economic growth. Imparting youth with career success skills simultaneously addresses the needs of youth and employers, thereby strengthening the supply and demand sides of Africa’s employment market.

If you are passionate about helping us expand our model to reach 1,600 youth with transformative programming, while helping to move the field of youth empowerment towards better meeting the needs and leverage the opportunities of the private sector, you should be applying for this role.

About the role

To meet our ambitious and exciting growth goals we have created this new full-time communications role in our small, dynamic and growing fundraising & communications team focused on showcasing our work and impact, cultivating interest and support in Hatua’s work, strengthening Hatua’s relationships with existing partners and building relationships with new donors.

You will position Hatua’s programs to donors and the general public in ways that resonates with their passion to create impact and stirs them to take action. Your success will mean continued support from existing donors and new partners joining our cause.

This is an ideal role for someone passionate about youth development who has great writing and persuasion skills to bring Hatua’s stories to life through words and pictures in a way that excites potential partners to be part of our work.

Who we are looking for

  • You are highly passionate about youth empowerment and have a strong interest in education and employability.
  • You have at least two to three years of relevant experience with strong results (marketing, content creation, social media management, communications, fundraising, etc).
  • You have persuasive communication skills, with an ability to tell stories in an exciting, captivating and empowering way that influences action.
  • Very strong writing skills, with the ability to produce drafts that don’t need editing on style or grammar.
  • Keen eye for design: You know how to conceptualize and design visual content that is neat and professional, and grabs people’s attention and passes a message.
  • Graphic design and video editing skills and experience with relevant software packages is a plus or willingness to learn.
  • You are social media and tech savvy: You use your gadgets and social media to create, influence and interact, not purely to consume.
  • You are able to adjust your style to a variety of audiences, both Kenyan and international, both youthful and professional.
  • The idea of mobilizing resources towards a great cause excites you, and working long hours on your laptop doesn’t drain your energy. You enjoy writing and can write efficiently.
  • You are proactive, a self-starter and can work without much supervision. You are able to organize your own work and meet deadlines.
  • Experience engaging press/media is an added advantage

How to apply:

Download full information about the role and responsibilities

Please download the full Job Description here (PDF File download).

Want to apply?

  • Read this guide with tips on our selection process: http://bit.ly/CandidatesGuide
  • Apply by filling out the application survey here. http://bit.ly/JoinHatuaComms
  • You will be asked to upload your CV as part of the application form. Make sure it is in PDF format, no longer than 3 pages and relevant to this role.
  • You will be given the opportunity to submit past work samples. Please compile 1 PDF document including a) A piece you wrote (by yourself!) that you’re proud of that moved someone to action. b) Work you've done that showcases your visual presentation skills c) Screenshots of social media posts that you have created for professional purposes.
  • The selection process will include a personality test, a case study, interviews, and a visit to Likoni!

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