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Consultant in communication and campaign on social networks


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Country: Senegal
Organization: Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing
Closing date: 16 Oct 2020

Women in Informal Employment: Globalization and Organization (WIEGO) is a global network dedicated to promoting the empowerment of poor working people - especially women - in the informal economy to secure their livelihoods. We believe that all working people should have the same rights, economic opportunities and protections, and be able to express themselves on an equal footing. To promote change, WIEGO aims to improve statistics and expand knowledge about the informal economy, to build networks and strengthen the capacity of informal workers' organizations and, in collaboration with these networks and organizations, to influence local, national and international policies.

The WIEGO Focal City approach supports grassroots organizations (MBOs) in their efforts to improve outcomes for urban informal workers. Focal Cities builds the capacity of leaders of informal workers and their organizations, and promotes dialogue between them and city authorities.

Context of Focal Cities' work in Dakar:

Despite the weight of the informal economy on Senegal's GDP, the voices of informal workers are not taken into account and national and local public policies continue to ignore their realities and needs. In fact, far from recognizing their contributions, policies increasingly punish the livelihoods of these workers.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic and the health measures needed to prevent the spread of the disease are often used to argue that these workers are vectors of the disease to clear and displace them from their workplaces, affecting the livelihoods of these individuals and their families. Without work and without access to government support, the precarious situation of these workers is exacerbated.

In response to this threat, the Dakar focal city team has developed a strategy on how to respond in 2020. During this process, we identified strategic communications as a key area to be strengthened during this period, including the possibility of developing a campaign to counter negative media reaction to informal workers in the public space as well as material reclaimers.

Objective: To accompany the Dakar focal city team in the implementation of the strategic communication plan (including a social media strategy), which will be articulated with the advocacy efforts of reclaimers and workers in the public space, and to promote awareness among workers in all sectors as legitimate economic actors contributing to the economy and society. This work should be planned with the CFL team and in consultation with the communications team and partner organizations of the ROs.

Candidates' Skills:

  • Have a university degree or authorized training school in journalism/communication and at least 5 years of professional experience in the field.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and French
  • A good understanding and previous experience in social media
  • Understand the informal sector have a real capacity and/or willingness to adapt in this area and among its workers.

Schedule and Remuneration

Days worked must be accounted for. The consultant may send an invoice for the days worked at the end of each month. The contract covers a maximum of 8 days per month. The daily rate will be negotiated according to experience, skills and the role.

How to apply:

Application Instructions: ​ To apply for this position please submit a resume and writing sample to recruit@wiego.org ​with CC to olga.abizaid@wiego.org.

Deadline: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and reviewed upon receipt. Interviews will be scheduled immediately with shortlisted candidates. Therefore, we encourage interested applicants to apply as soon as possible as the advert will be removed once an appointment has been made.

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