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Organization: Fairtrade Africa
Closing date: 30 Sep 2020


Established in 2005, Fairtrade Africa is the independent non-profit umbrella organization representing all Fairtrade certified producers in Africa. Fairtrade Africa is owned by its members, who are African producer organizations certified against international Fairtrade standards producing traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, tea, cotton, bananas, mango, and non- traditional commodities including shea butter and rooibos tea. Currently, the organization represents over 1.18 million smallholder farmers and workers across 28 countries in Africa.


To mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Fairtrade producers’ health, well-being and economic sustainability, this project on RECOVER AFRICA: COVID-19 Fairtrade Emergency Initiative, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), is implemented by Fairtrade Africa from October 2020 to April 2022. The project aims to provide immediate relief to and support prevention of the further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic on at-risk producers in nine countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi and South Africa); as well as help producers recover from economic losses due to COVID-19, maintain and diversify their supply chain relations, and ensure business continuity, food security and income generation for their member -– thereby building producers’ resilience to future shocks and stresses.


Mass media plays a powerful and vital role in influencing awareness level leading to changes in attitudes and behaviours of human being, which helps to inculcate positive values and norms. Keeping this view in mind, FTA wishes to engage the services of a qualified individual(s), firm(s) or institution(s) to carry out the following tasks for four (4 months) from October to January 2021.**

Write four (4) blog stories a month for four (4) months in the most powerful, effective and innovative ways to show the impact of RECOVER AFRICA project activities in the lives of producers in the nine countries of coverage. These stories from the field will be uploaded in Fairtrade Africa’s website with links to appropriate social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other similar platforms. **


1. Blog Management

● Handle execution and production of blog posts on the impact of RECOVER AFRICA in the lives of Fairtrade producers and their communities: Writing 4 articles per month for four (4) months and collaborating on sharing on social platforms

● Work with Program Manager, Communications Consultant, PR & Communication manager on content outreach for each blog post.

● Collaborating with Program Manager, Communications Consultant, PR & communications lead to prioritizing content and ultimately have a content calendar detailing the date, stories and regions to be covered

● Collaborate with Communications consultant, PR & communications lead to conduct interviews to be used to curate the blog stories

● Proofread all blog posts with the team to ensure Fairtrade voice and tone standards are maintained.

● Collaborate with Fairtrade team for images and visuals to aid content

● Managing content calendar (making sure all stories go out at the designated time)

● Optimizing content for search engines (SEO) and lead generation (This includes assigning keywords to articles and ensuring those keywords are used appropriately.)

● Growing blog subscribers and expanding the overall blog's reach over time

● Weekly reports on post-performance


● Storyboard and treatment reviews for each blog story to be produced

● Production will take place upon agreed timelines after a briefing with Fairtrade team.

● Collaborate with and arrange for reviews and approvals with Fairtrade team for the concept development, rough drafts, and final blog stories to be published.

● A high-quality information pack booklet on RECOVER Africa success stories.


The successful individual consultant(s), firm(s) or institution(s) is/are expected to carry out the assignment in 30 working days from the date of signing the contract.

How to apply:


Interested and qualified firm(s), institutions or consultants should submit their applications, which should include the following:

● Firm(s)/individual/institutions profile;

● Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the team proposed to carry out the assignment;

● Technical Proposal for implementing the assignment including the timeframes;

● Financial proposal for implementing the assignment;

● 2 References and samples of similar assignment conducted in the past.

The closing date for receiving the application is 30 September 2020.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please send the applications to recruitment@fairtradeafrica.net

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