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Consultant - Video Production


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Country: Kenya
Organization: Oxfam GB
Closing date: 4 Sep 2020

Creative Brief / Terms of Reference

Video Production of the Danida-Funded Safety Nets Initiative

Project Background

Oxfam is a development, humanitarian and campaigning organization that works with others to challenge poverty and inequality. Oxfam envisages a transformed Kenyan society in which everyone regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or social standing can access basic services and fully participate in decision making processes on issues that affect their lives and can be heard.

Oxfam in Kenya and a coalition of 6 NGOs recently launched a project, funded by the Danish Government, that will provide 40,000 Nairobi and Mombasa informal settlement residents with monthly cash transfers (safety nets) via MPESA for three months. These are households that are unable to meet their basic food and sanitation needs due to reduced or lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic, and who are at risk of sexual and gender-based violence. The project will specifically target the disabled, chronically ill, and elderly Kenyans; as well as orphans and pregnant or lactating women.

Assignment Objective

Oxfam in Kenya is seeking a talented video producer / production team to capture high-quality videos that raise awareness about the humanitarian effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Kenya’s growing population of informal poor and document the impact of our EU-funded Safety Nets initiative.

Scope of work

Under the supervision of Oxfam in Kenya’s Communications Advisor the Producer will be required to:

❏ Capture high-quality interview footage of cash-transfer recipients in their homes answering provided questions, or other interview subjects such as NGO directors and experts in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Interviews must be:

❏ Set up and shot with a 3-point lighting system and/or have the interview subject and the background exposed well with neither under nor over-exposed.

❏ Shot on a 2-camera set up with both cameras on tripods, with one close-up shot and one wide shot (see examples attached).

❏ Be recorded with the subject’s voice clearly audible shared as a separate audio file with minimal background noise (we strongly recommend filming in quiet locations with lavalier microphones).

❏ Capture high-quality b-roll footage telling the story of “a day in the life” of our cash transfer recipients in project sites. Our goal is to give audiences insight into how cash transfer recipients are living during covid-19 times. All shots must be well-exposed (no under or over-exposure) and either shot on tripods or Steadicams/glide-cams. It is essential to capture:

❏ elements and the state of their surroundings, showing how difficult it is for them to social distance in informal settlement conditions and other basic challenges they may face such as with water facilities.

❏ heartfelt moments of our cash recipients interacting with their families doing care work - cooking, taking care of children, feeding their families, attending to elderly relatives, etc.

❏ cash-recipients preparing food and eating with their families.

❏ cash-recipients practicing covid-19 protective measures e.g. putting on masks, washing hands, etc.

❏ cash-recipients using their phone (that they received the cash-transfer on).

❏ A variety of angles and framing (e.g. wide and medium shots, close up portraits and detail shots).

Please see attached document with example shots for each checklist item.

❏ The producer/team may be required to do some editing work, such as producing assembly edits from the interview footage, or even producing a fully edited package e.g. a mini documentary with scripting and creative direction from the Oxfam Media and Communications Advisor.

❏ Video assignments will be provided on a weekly basis. Each assignment will entail 1-2 days of shooting and might entail an additional 1/2-3 days of editing (assembly edits may be considered half-day assignments depending on the number of interviews).


For each video assignment, the producer will provide:

❏ Raw footage of interviews (see scope of work above) in the following format:

❏ Hi-Res full HD (1920×1080px, between 12 and 16-bit depth and shot at 24fps) lossless format (e.g. CinemaDNG, MPEG-4 with lossless h.264 codec or Apple ProRes 4:4:4 with QuickTime wrapper).

❏ Raw footage of b-roll (see scope of work and format requirements above).

If editing is required:

❏ Assembly Edits as Adobe Premiere Pro project files that correspond to an agreed upon file-organization format for raw footage.

Final Cuts as:

❏ Adobe Premiere Pro project files that correspond to an agreed upon file-organization format for raw footage.

❏ Exported Full HD (1920×1080px), high-bitrate (15-20Mbps) video files encoded using H264 compression in MP4 format with square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps.

❏ Properly filled consent forms for ALL photography subjects. See method below:

Obtaining Consent using Oxfam’s mobile-friendly method (Mandatory)

  1. Download the following mobile-friendly PDF form: https://oxfam.box.com/s/rl23qk5pzpuwvv6on224e7wnq9ugt5d9

  2. Download and install this app (Adobe Fill & Sign) if you have an android or this app if you have an iPhone.

  3. Open the app and open the downloaded form*****

  4. Help your video/photo subject fill out the form. Remember to sign.

  5. Save the completed form onto your phone using the share feature in Adobe Fill & Sign.

  6. Send the form to lgikandi@oxfam.org.uk when you can connect to the internet

a) Here is a video demonstrating the process in full detail.

Assignment Duration & Schedule

The producer will be provided filming assignments from July 20, 2020, to November 30, 2020.

Tax and VAT arrangements

Oxfam in Kenya will deduct withholding tax from the consultancy fees which will be in conformity with the prevailing government rates and submit the same to the Government of Kenya. The consultant will be entitled to a copy of the tax submission certificate on request.


Full payment of the sum to be paid upon submission of the final outputs/ and satisfactory completion of each assignment to the quality set out in the scope of work, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from Oxfam.

Desired qualifications and competencies

● Excellent video storytelling and cinematography skills with a strong portfolio.

● A proven track record of producing high-quality and moving video work.

● The ability to work multiculturally with sensitivity, respect and integrity.

● 4-6 years’ experience shooting and editing videos (especially documentaries) for NGOs/Non-profits/Human Rights Organizations/Journalism outlets/Film or TV companies.

● Independent, organized, detail-oriented, with the ability to meet deadlines while handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

● The ability to come up with original creative ideas in a short period of time.

● Expert in Adobe Premiere.

● A clear understanding of video formatting, editing, color grading and motion graphics.

● Experience with designing and laying in GFX/VFX.

● Mix and level audio within Adobe Premiere.

● Advanced knowledge of Post-Production and Production process.

● Well organized and willing to adapt to new project management workflows.

● Experience in finding and collecting relevant archival footage and material.

● An eye for capturing the “details” and executing creative objectives through editing.

● Strong work ethic with the ability to give and receive quality feedback.

● Ability to work remotely and communicate over the internet and phone.

please visit our website for more details: https://jobs.oxfam.org.uk/vacancy/consultant---video-production--int6791/12752/description/

How to apply:

Application Process

Oxfam Kenya invites professionals who meet the criteria to submit Expression of Interest that clearly articulates the consultant(s) understanding of the terms of reference, methodology for executing the work including key deliverables and tentative budget should and clearly indicated “Expression of Interest for Consultancy to undertake video production of the Danida Funded Safety Net Initiative.**

Expressions of Interest shall be sent to this email, Kenya.Logs@oxfam.org.uk no later than August 19th, 2020

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