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Filming and Video production


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Country: Kenya
Organization: Build Africa
Closing date: 30 Apr 2023



Filming and video production work on responsive caregiving focusing on child growth, development and education ; creating contextualized video excerpts for parents drawing on local community expertise on parenting to improve their knowledge on parenting skills as well as supporting their children’s holistic development, for delivery of holistic and inclusive early learning.**

  1. Background

1.1 Background to Build Africa Kenya

Build Africa Kenya is an NGO and affiliated to Street Child- UK. It aims to improve the quality of education and support livelihoods by developing the capacity of communities. Build Africa Kenya has worked with communities stretching across several regions in Kenya enabling school communities to improve the quality of education they provide for their children. We believe in the power of Education to eradicate poverty. We work to provide children the education they need to fight the inequalities and barriers that stand in their way.

Find Build Africa and Street Child on https://build-africakenya.org/ and https://www.street-child.co.uk

  1. Project Description-Rise and shine

Build Africa Kenya is implementing the Rise and Shine project- an inclusive Early Childhood Development intervention in rural areas of Gilgil Sub-County in Nakuru, Kenya. The project aims at developing a more holistic ECD delivery - including cognitive skills, health, nutrition and social development - in the community and established ECD Centres, to benefit preschool children aged 3+ and their families in 20 ECD centres. The project is being implemented for three years starting January 2020 to December 2023.

The project seeks to address 2 interconnected challenges that pre-school children aged 3+ and their families face: a) A lack of holistic community-based and parental ECD learning support. b) A lack of inclusive ECD Centres with integrated provision for pre-school children to flourish: health, nutrition, sanitation, safeguarding and early cognitive stimulation alongside ‘traditional’ education

2.1. Intended project goal

Project Goal: Children (age 3+) and their families, especially those are most marginalized, enjoy increased and more integrated Early Childhood Development support - and access to this support - both in the community and at existing ECD Centres.

2.2. Intended objectives and outcomes

The rise and shine ECD project is designed to deliver on two key outcomes:

  1. Development of community-based ECD provision that facilitates and encourages learning in the community and in the family home.

  2. More integrated, accessible and holistic services at 20 existing ECD Centres, offering an improved educational service that will benefit children's holistic early development

  3. Purpose of the consultancy

This photography filming video production is a vital component of the project and plays a key role in utilization of Audio Visual and Creativity in facilitating parental sessions. The Video produced will be used generally in the sessions with parents on responsive caregiving which will touch on key themes as identified in the BAK manuals

The consultancy has 2 key purposes;


  1. **

    To develop a script on responsive caregiving based on the BAK manuals that will be used by BAK Community Based Trainers and Mobilizers to train parents

  2. To develop a video on responsive caregiving based on the script produced

  3. The Approach

The specialist must be participatory in their approach while incorporating and including stakeholder views that are culturally appropriate. The consultant will ensure that there are aspects of inclusion in the video produced. The filming and photography will be undertaken in Nakuru County specifically in parts of Elburgon and Gilgil Sub –Counties around the supported project schools.

  1. Tasks and deliverables

BAK has defined a clear set of tasks/ deliverables for the specialist as per the 2 tasks above

  1. Develop a script, in consultation with the project lead, for both the photography and videography content of the caregiving video for our ECD project

  2. Develop with the help of BAK Technical personnel and program manager creative brief guided by ECD caregiving manual

  3. Use the details of the script in the development of the Video

  4. Undertake short film shooting in selected locations of Nakuru County and produce thirty 30 to Forty-five 45 minutes film (Drama or documentary incorporating infographics and interviews to highlight ECD Thematic issues and (Challenges and opportunities) addressed in the Parental caregiving Manual (based on provided data). The caregiving video should generally be on responsive caregiving and touches on key themes identified in our manuals.**

  5. **

    The consultant shall provide and transmit, under the advice of BAK Country Director/lead, a selection of the best images (100- 250) resize optimized images, if necessary, for transmission. The consultant will submit all files (raw and finished) related to the films and photobooks.

  6. Each image from the optimized edits as well as the full take must include in the IPTC metadata: the name of the photographer for photo credit, the name of the event, the date, the location, city and if possible relevant names and titles should be included.

  7. Consultant shall provide the caption texts for all the photos/videos

The consultant will also be responsible for:

· Attending an inception meeting (remotely if required) with Build Africa Kenya staff to be introduced to the project evaluation, and requirements of the data collection exercise

· Confirm a team of data collectors capable of achieving the high quality standards required by the assignment

· Reviewing the data collection tools with key Build Africa Kenya personnel to ensure a thorough understanding of the purpose and content of each tool. Explore the potential for mobile data collection methods and liaise with Build Africa Kenya on the feasibility of this for this exercise.

· A half or full day of piloting/testing the tools, and practice administering the tools within the data collection team

· Supervising and leading the data collection team to collect high quality data – this will amount to the completion of at least 240 questionnaires, 20 most significant change stories and 6 focus group discussions (in line with the sample).

· Supervise the data entry into the formats provided to an accurate and high standard – data entry must be conducted by a data entrant that has not participated in the data collection

· Providing the typed raw data to Build Africa Kenya contact staff (as above)

Build Africa Kenya will be responsible for:

· Preparing relevant documentation and making it available to the consultant

· Holding an inception meeting (remotely if required) with the consultant to provide background information and to finalize timelines and expectations

· Providing the data collection tools, and data entry format/database with guidance for how to use if necessary

· Respond to any queries or concerns regarding the data collection tools and/or exercise

· BAK to arrange the practice of administering the tools, the logistics for field travel, and to supervise data collection

· BAK to mobilize relevant project communities in advance and to coordinate the field work to ensure that data collection team are able to capture high quality data from relevant sample of informants

· Reviewing the final dataset and enquiring further where necessary

· Making payments for the exercise as agreed in the contract

  1. Budget and timeline

The cost of this assignment as negotiated will be inclusive of all taxes covering;

· Assignment fees for both tasks

· Developing a script on responsive caregiving based on the BAK manuals

· Developing of a video on responsive caregiving based on the script produced

NB: All costs are inclusive of relevant taxes.

In line with this assignment, it is anticipated that the 2 tasks will take not more than 10 days to complete. The Specialist will provide a detailed and clear work plan from date of signing of the contract.

Task 1: To develop a script on responsive caregiving based on the BAK manuals

· 1 day consultative sessions with Build Africa Staff

· 1 day review of existing manuals

· 2 days drafting, finalizing and writing of the scripts

Task 2: To develop a video on responsive caregiving based on the script produced

· 3 days participatory sessions with beneficiaries and stakeholders in developing a video **

· 2 days editing and cleaning of the video

Therefore cumulatively, the tasks will take

· 2 day of consultative sessions with BAK staff for both tasks with ongoing consultations and feedback and review of existing manuals

· 2 days of developing a script

· 4 days participatory sessions with beneficiaries and stakeholders in developing a video **

· 2 days editing and cleaning of the video and submitting the required documents.

The whole exercise will thus take tentatively 10 days.

  1. Skills and qualifications of the assignment team:

The specialist team should consist of candidates who meet the following criteria:

· Photographer/Videographer must have prior experience in both photographing and videographer similar projects/activities -a minimum of 2 years and proof with a portfolio of work in Kenya Context (preferably experience doing similar work in urban centers and pastoral community areas)

· Photographer/ Videographer must have own equipment in order to produce high-resolution files.

· Ability to travel and undertake the work in the designated field site[s].

· Photographer/Videographer must guarantee the timely submission of deliverables.

· Fluent in English and Swahili languages (speaking and writing)

· Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious relationships during the project implementation.

· Previous work with any Humanitarian agency or in Early Childhood Education or Development will be an added advantage.

Application requirements

· A copy of the Specialist CV,Cover letter and Portfolio (includes CVs of the key personnel), and creative direction should be attached

At least 2 references (with contact information) from previous clients

· A detailed list with technical information of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software, etc.

· Financial proposal, Indicative unit costs for photography, travel, filming, and editing

NB: The service provider will be expected to adhere to all COVID 19 restrictions from Government of Kenya

  1. Child Safeguarding

It is essential that the successful applicant familiarise self with, and sign up to abiding by, Build Africa Kenya/ Street Child’s Safeguarding Policy. We reserve the right to conduct background checks for all shortlisted applicants in line with our child safeguarding policy. This may include collecting references from past employers or commissioning organisations.

  1. Application process and timeline

The resource creation is expected to begin on XXXXXXXX with an estimated 10 days of consultancy allocated to this task with possible periodic follow ups.

Specialist should set out the process (proposal of how you would address the needs and proposed deliverables as outlined in the ToR - max. 3 pages), timeline and budget in excel to deliver the deliverables as outlined including travel and dedicated time with stakeholder groups, technical experts, disability, child safeguarding experts and beneficiaries.

  1. Evaluation and award for consultancy

Build Africa Kenya will evaluate the proposals and award the contract based on technical and financial feasibility. BAK reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without offering an explanation and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder.

Final payments will only be made once all final drafts have been reviewed, any reviews requested done and soft copies submitted within the agreed timelines.

How to apply:

Applications should be sent to hr@build-africakenya.org on or before 30th April 2022.

Build Africa Kenya will evaluate the proposals and award the contract based on technical and financial feasibility. BAK reserves the right to accepts or reject any proposal received without offering an explanation and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder.

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