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Call for Trainers and Consultants for journalists, newsrooms and media organisations


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Countries: Kenya, South Africa, Zambia
Organization: Thomson Reuters Foundation
Closing date: 7 May 2022

Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) is looking for media consultants and trainers based in the three countries to provide their expertise in building the capacity of journalists, newsrooms and media organizations’ towards maintaining sustainability and independence. The consultants and trainers will be required to have expertise in several of the following thematic areas;

  1. Editorial policy

  2. Editorial content management

  3. Newsroom reporting and ethical guidelines

  4. Newsroom’s business models

  5. Audience growth, retention, and monetization

  6. Media viability and sustainability

  7. Digital tools and technologies

  8. Demystifying disinformation, misinformation, and fake news

  9. Media regulatory framework’s (both local and global)

Assignment delivery

With the leadership of TRF, the assignment will be delivered through;

  • Training of journalists based in newsrooms

  • Editorial/management trainings

Scope of Service and Work

The successful consultants and trainers will be required to undertake the following roles;

  1. Review the target newsroom structures and working systems

  2. Provide an analysis of the technical, capacity needs and legal support the target newsroom needs

  3. Propose and recommend the best approach and support that target newsroom requires

  4. Implement the key strategies identified and agreed upon in tandem with the legal support approach developed

  5. Provide guidelines on building strong editorial systems that would enhance media freedom

  6. Enhance media managers capacity of surveying their audiences to support content diversity across various platforms

  7. Outline, design and implement various business models that would promote independence, increase diverse financial streams and strengthen its offerings to their audiences

  8. Work with the legal consultants to develop guides, tool kits and editorial policies for the newsrooms identified

Key Outputs and deliverables

  1. A detailed overview of the technical, structural and needs capacity of the target newsroom

  2. A detailed work plan and course of action to build the capacity of the target newsroom

  3. Progress reports on project’s development and impact

  4. Capacity and course outline of the curriculum for the target newsroom

  5. Timesheets of one-on-one capacity newsroom engagements

  6. A curriculum handbook

Qualifications and Experience

· Proven experience and competence of having worked in a newsroom having risen to the rank of being a media manager

· Be of good repute in the industry in the selected target countries

· Demonstrate adequate understating of the media landscape of the target countries one is applying for

· An understanding of the media legal framework for the selected target countries will be an added advantage

· A proven track record of having undertaken similar assignments

Required skills and experience

· A seasoned journalist with over 5 years’ experience in management

· Experience in media capacity building for journalists

· Capacity building of newsrooms

· An undergraduate education

· A relevant postgraduate qualification will be an added advantage

· Active membership with a journalist’s association will be an added advantage

How to apply:

Applications are being received on a rolling basis

To: Ruth.Muturi@thomsonreuters.com by 7th May, 2022

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